Basic guidelines for successful breastfeeding

We regularly come to motherhood with the desire to give the best to our children through breastfeeding but we feel fear, doubts about whether we will be good mothers and whether we will have the ability to produce enough milk that our children need to develop properly. proper and healthy.

Throughout three years I have had the honor of accompanying dozens of mothers on their way, and I have been able to successfully breastfeed my daughters for almost four years now. From there, I have been able to define what are those essential aspects that make the experience of breastfeeding pleasant and prolonged.

The path is not without challenges and obstacles, but if you have the guidelines that I propose below, it will be easier to overcome them.

1. Trust your ability to breastfeed: As I always say, if a mother was able to carry her baby, she has the ability to produce the food that her treasure needs. But you have to believe it.

2. Get informed properly: It is essential that you inform yourself on the subject of breastfeeding with real and proven data, this will allow you to make the best decisions for you, your family and for your reality of life. (Not all breastfeed for the same time or in the same way)

3. Be flexible: Having a plan, idea or visualization of what you want to achieve is fine. However, you should write that plan in pencil and be open to the possibility that situations may arise that change the way you should do things. Be careful: what changes is the plan, not the goal.

4. Seek adequate support: The breastfeeding process is very beautiful but at the same time very challenging, so it is vital that you have people around you who are your support when you feel overwhelmed, exhausted or want to give up. These people can be your husband, mother, sister, or skilled help from a certified lactation consultant or certified postpartum doula.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful path but it can often be very lonely, and it is not fair to any of us. Let’s stop carrying that heavy load and let the people around us who genuinely want to support us become part of this process so that we can experience successful breastfeeding. Our superpower is to be able to create and feed our children, but we don’t have to live it alone.

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